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counselling & therapy sunshine coast

About Me

Why I became a Counsellor.

Years ago I experienced the perfect triad of major life traumas.

I was isolated and vulnerable having only months previously moved from the other side of the world.

These cumulative traumatic experiences left me unwell, feeling broken and defeated.

I was extremely fortunate to have found an amazing counsellor.

My goal when I entered counselling was to get back to who I was before the trauma but Counselling did so much more than that.


Counselling helped me to put the pieces of myself  back together in such a way that I was stronger and much more self-aware than ever. I experienced  post traumatic growth and gained valuable insight that I could never have attained any other way, insight that I am so grateful for today as a counsellor myself.

"My counsellor gave me the support and

skills to build the healthy,

meaningful and balanced life I dreamed of.


This was a beautiful gift that

I wanted to be able to give to others."

counselling & therapy sunshine coast

When the Japanese mend broken objects ,they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.

They believe that when something has suffered damage  and has history it becomes more beautiful.

Whatever you are experiencing, I’m here to listen without judgement in a safe, empathic, supportive  and confidential environment.

Help you navigate through issues you may be facing and walk by your side, to support your progress towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Qualifications & Credentials

  Amanda Robinson Dip.Couns, M.A.C.A, M.A.I.P.C






Abuse Counselling

Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice.

Badge relationship counselling.jpg


Relationship Counselling

Creative Arts Program for Adult Trauma Survivors.

Member of Australian Counselling Association : Membership No.19561

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